E-homes and you


Davmark™ Group seek end users, developers and builders who want to put added value into their properties.

This can be as simple as adding the core infrastructure to the premises. Making it capable of being fully automated and integrated in future. The end customer selects items to automate and upgrade later as their needs change.

Once the end user starts to use automated systems, they usually keep going.

Broad appeal

Davmark™ Group are currently finding solutions on how to make a more budget friendly offering, while still getting a reliable, high quality product. By offering simple product solutions, Davmark™ Group are now broadening its customer base. Whereas we used to only offer systems affordable to the top 2% of homebuyers, we can now service the upper 20% and more.

Davmark Group can apply the latest construction techniques. Modular wiring and ‘plug and play’ construction methods to offer the developer rapid construction techniques’. These help reduce the construction programme timescales, dependent on use of construction finishes and choice of materials used.

Self build

Utilising the same approach, Davmark™ Group are now able to offer the end client as a ‘self build’ type construction project, the ability to do part of the installation themselves.

Davmark™ can specify a modular wiring solution to be designed and pre-manufactured, for site assembly by the customer. The self build client can then ask for the electrical contractor / controls integrator to connect to the main distribution board and electrically test the installation and allow the constructor to undertake final installation and setup. This all helps reduce final build costs. The client can use the saving to enhance their installed E-home solution.

If you wish to know about other intelligent solutions that Davmark™ can provide, please visit Onetouchzone™ for more information.


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