The E-HOME solution

Homes getting smarter with new technology


The following is all possible, based on products you can have now, today.

Welcome home

You come home from work. The car travels over sensors in the driveway. The e-home knows it is your car. You watch the garage door roll up and lights click on to illuminate the path to the kitchen or bedroom.

Audio - Visual

When you want to watch a movie, you push a button. The lights dim and the curtains lower. Your flatscreen rises from the table, or a projector screen lowers from the ceiling.

As for entertaining, another popular solution is a media room. This is loosely defined as the multi-purpose family room used for internet, movies, games or relaxation.


But you don’t have to jump right in and break the bank if you don’t think you’ll use it.

Smart homes are not just about fancy gadgets and flashy technology - although this stuff can be both fancy and flashy. They’re more about convenience, practicality and luxury.

When you’re tired and ready for bed, pushing a button on your wall-mounted touch screen control panel is much easier than trekking around the house locking doors and shutting off lights. By pushing bed, the intelligent system flickers to life and accesses a preset program that tells the lights it’s time for bed and locks the doors automatically.

You have small kids who are afraid of the dark or guests staying over. With an E-House intelligent solution, general lighting can be operated as ‘night lights’, selective lighting set to a very dim light setting showing the way to the bathroom / toilet and back to their room.


Home automation is not simply aesthetic, though it also practical with special applications applied. Davmark™ are able to offer to install special locks and occupancy sensors for clients with children who have special needs, so that the parents know if something is happening. The system will alert the parents of the child moving around at night, by lighting and use of other selective devices.

Hidden cameras and speaker systems also protect families. When someone is at the door, they can pick up the phone and talk to them. A button on the handheld monitor brings up a streaming security video so you can see who it is.

A CCTV / microphone in the Childs bedroom, acting as a ‘baby monitor’ enables the family to know what is going on. The monitor is able to be linked to the TV set any where in home. Additionally if parents want to go out for meal, leaving the child in the care of an other supervisory adult, this can be internet enabled. Through a secure remote access for sound or vision, you can view through an internet enabled device. Alternatively, a special call home dialling service can be arranged to listen in on baby monitor without ringing the main house phone.

Distant control

Frequent travellers can opt for Internet security checks of their home. They can log on to the house controls with secure remote access on there own Web site from wherever they are travelling. They can see what the groundskeeper or housecleaner is up to or if the lights are coming on at the right time.

Or business executives. Gone to the office, need to travel overseas, or stay away for the night? You can log on to the house controls through the home Web site and change the house setting remotely, to ‘holiday mode’ or ‘house secure’ type settings.

If you are late coming home one evening, you can call the house and get it to close the curtains, as it gets dark.

If you have been away from the house for a few days and want to be sure the house is warm on your return, you can call the house and switch the central heating back on.

Entry control

If a visitor rings the house / gate door bell via video entry controls. The E-house knows no one is home, and can contact you directly you via your internet enabled mobile phone or PDA, where you are able to talk to them through directly through your house video entry phone system.

Additionally, subject to having the correct door entry arrangement, you can also allow someone into the house remotely, through a secure remote access and preset control configuration.

Delivery people can be let into the hallway to drop off parcels. The security alarm will prevent them from going any further into the house.


The home security system can be enhanced because the security alarm is able to communicate with other devices in the home.

When leaving the house, touch the fingerprint scanner or use a single signal from a key fob similar to those used for car alarms, and turn on the security alarm, close any open windows, and make sure all the doors are locked.

When coming home, the same key fob or biometric sensor can turn off the security alarm, open the front (or back) door, and switch on the hallway light (if it is dark).

If you are away from home for a few days. The security alarm can tell the curtains to open or close in the morning and evening and also turn some of the lights on and off during the night to make it look as if the house is still occupied.

If you have a partner, or child who keeps leaving the house unsecured, with the correct selection of door hardware & locks and motion detection devices through the house. The E-house will know no one remains in the house, and as a preset can activate the security devices and lock the external doors etc. Davmark™ Group do not recommend that this should not be used the normal method of securing a house, as windows can still be open or external doors left wedged open, but it may be better than a totally unsecured house. This is one of the examples of enabling the building intelligence to be fully utilised. If you have already got the necessary devices installed, these and similar options become available to the user at minimum additional cost - As it’s only how these devices are utilised, i.e. The application of the system.

Scene setting

Imagine going around a house adjusting the lights just right for a party. Home automation allows them to set the mood at the touch of a button. Even better assuming the lighting is adaptive to both be dimmed and able to change to different ‘colours’ for enhanced ‘moods’ lighting these can be all be pre programmed to just a touch of a button.

If you wish to know about other intelligent solutions that Davmark™ can provide, please visit Onetouchzone™ for more information.


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