What happens in a power cut?

Safe mode operation

The smart home system is designed to keep you and your house safe in any circumstances.

In the case of power failure, all the devices in the house will revert to a safe mode. So, for example, you will still be able to unlock doors.

In the same way as in a normal house some of the systems, like the central heating, will not work without power.

Battery back-up

Most of the special devices in the home have a battery back-up so they can be used in a power cut, though they may need to be operated by their switches rather than a remote control.

Advanced systems

Many of the advanced systems behave the same way in a power cut. The difference is with the integrated intelligent controls. If for example a conventional security system was to have the power removed, it might send an alarm to a remote security company. An intelligent system could compare whether there is a general power cut to the building or just the security system. If it is just the security system the intelligent building can escalate the alert state.


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