Why have a systems integrator?


The systems integrator handles the programming and commissioning of all the intelligent elements in the e-building. They make the systems easy and logical to use. It is their design that turns the users needs and preferences into reality.

By working with the systems integrator from day one, the rest of the design team can ensure that the correct equipment is specified and used.

Given that each skill area has its own experts, Davmark™ help by understanding your needs as well as those of each trade. This is why Davmark™ insist on the complete involvement of systems integrators from the early stages in order to help you.

Systems integrator contract arrangements:

It will be the systems integrator contractor, who will be last to leave site. All the others will have to complete their work before the systems integrator can finish theirs.

This means that the architect, interior designer and any other professional services have to finish their work. These are followed by the contractors, plumber, heating engineer, electrical contractor, and architect main contractors. All will finish before the Systems integrator.


The systems integrator duties will include setting up the TV media room, fire alarms, blind controls, and commissioning the heating and lighting systems, as well as the final security and access control settings only known to the client.

The systems integrator contract arrangements should be arranged to reflect this arrangement.

Project cost savings:

The depend on how the contract arrangements are made. If the systems integrator contract is independent of the main contractor, final commissioning phase duties can be written in. In this way the systems integrator contract takes over from the main contractor role.

It’s possible to make additional savings. Normally the main contractor would want to be present during the final commissioning stage or expect monies whilst a specialist contractor was still on site. They expect to manage and have responsibility for any specialists that are on site. There is a strong arguement that the systems integrator should be excluded from this arrangement. This is where Davmark™s’ experience of the construction industry, electrical contracting and intelligent building helps.


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