I want an E-home solution, what else should I know?

Electrical Contractor:

It should be noted that an electrical contractor will be able to connect and install the power supplies and provide the necessary test certificates.

But a good competent contractor will not always understand or be able to commission the intelligent solution that Davmark™ will offer.

The one stipulation will be that commissioning shall always be done by a systems integrator contractor, selected and approved by Davmark™ Group.

Heating and cooling system contractors:

If you are installing an intelligent heating and cooling system, this can be undertaken, as normal.

The most effective solution is for:

Responsibility and ownership:

The systems integrator contractor will undertake the control wiring and final connections. Including:

In this method there is no confusion on who retains ownership at each stage of the build.


The electrician ensures:

Systems Integrator

The systems integrator contractor demonstrates the system works, lights are controlled on/off/dim, power sockets switch off, in compliance with the Davmark™ specification and controls brief and as the customer intended.

The Plumber

The plumber ensures that:

This approach can be applied to any other mechanical motorised ductwork or gas valves or where customers have swimming pools, hot tub spas, portable spas, steam rooms and other item requiring to be controlled by other specialist contractors and suppliers.


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