E-HOMES - Lifetime Homes


Lifetime Homes standard 13 - Design

The design should provide for a reasonable route for a potential hoist from a main bedroom to the bathroom.

Diagram 13

Well thought-out design provides for a future track and hoist through a removable floor-to-ceiling panel.

Technological advances mean that tracks no longer have to go in a straight line and a second best solution would be a route for a hoist via the landing.

Lifetime Homes standard 14 - Layout

The bathroom should be designed to incorporate ease of access to the bath, WC and wash basin.

Diagram 14a

A well laid-out bathroom is appreciated by all.

Diagram 14b

Although there is no requirement for a turning circle in bathrooms, sufficient space should be provided so that a wheelchair user could conveniently use the bathroom and gain side access to bath and WC.


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