Independent living

Integrating the control of the house with some additional devices can make it easier for some people to live independently at home.


To assist people who need to use a wheelchair, the house can be equipped with motors to raise and lower cupboards and sinks. For example, if you wanted to make a hot drink the remote control in the lounge could be used to lower the wall cupboard or sink so that they were in the most suitable position when you came into the kitchen. When you finished, they could move back into their normal position, which may be more suitable for other people in the house.

If you regularly get up in the night, the house can use its motion detectors to identify this and gently turn on the lights in the bedroom for you, minimising the risk of you tripping and falling. It could then light up the way to other rooms, such as the bathroom or kitchen, and turn the lights out when you return to bed.

If you wish to know about other intelligent solutions that Davmark™ can provide, please visit Onetouchzone™ for more information.


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