Making life easier

Aspects of routine daily life and chores can be automated.


When you wake up in the morning, you can push a control by the bed that turns the bedroom light and television on, starts the shower or bath running, opens the downstairs curtains and switches on the kettle.

When sitting down in the evening to watch television, a single button on the remote control can turn the set on, draw the curtains and dim the lights.

High-end homes with high-end capabilities usually lead to high prices.


A fully automated system with lights, security, and control panels can cost anywhere from a few thousand pounds. But as different media systems, blind controls systems are added the packages and perks can reach hundreds of thousands of pounds.

In general intelligent systems can do more, are uniformally integrated and often save money when compared to conventional stand alone systems. Including:

If you wish to know about other intelligent solutions that Davmark™ can provide, please visit Onetouchzone™ for more information.


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