Alarms and security


Alarms and security often come top of the list when it comes to the e-home. Historically alarm and security sytems have been isolated from other parts of the overall e-home solution. This is a pity. When they are integrated a lot more can be done to help and reassure.


When the telephone rings, it can send a signal to the network to activate another device such as the lights.

The telephone does not use a conventional handset but features a hands free system that you can operate by using the speed dial or conventional buttons.

The phone can also be answered by pressing the button on a wearable pendant. If the phone is not in use, you can use this pendant as an alarm and send a call to a control centre if you experience any difficulties.

Door entry system

The front door is fitted with a door entry system. Pushing the doorbell can do a number of things.

If the security alarm is not set, the door entry system can turn on the TV or interrupt the current TV channel to show the person ringing the bell, using an outside video camera.

Any remote control device can then be used to open the door if required.

Any or all of the telephones can ring and the lights can be made to flash. The phone can then be used to speak to whoever is at the door and pressing a button on the phone will open the door.

Remote actions

If the security alarm is set, the house can call another phone, such as your mobile.

Answering this telephone will allow you to converse with the caller and, if you wish, allow access by pressing a button on the phone.

The caller could leave a message on the answer phone if no one answers the doorbell.

Any remote control device can also be set up to open the front door if required.

Fire alarm

The fire alarm detects fire by rapid increases in temperature or by sensing smoke. If a fire is detected, the alarm will sound a siren, flash all the lights in the house eight times and then leave all the lights on in the house to aid escape.

At the same time, the alarm can call the care centre and notify them that the alarm has gone off. The system can be configured to unlock doors automatically if someone is in the house.

Security alarm

The security system is often controlled from a panel in the hallway. This panel also acts as the answering machine for the house. There are a series of voice prompts on the alarm panel that will lead you through its operation.

Setting the alarm will activate the central locking system. This will close all windows and doors and can switch off any devices. For example, you may want it to turn off any lights left on during the daytime.

The security system can also be operated through the internal telephone or by dialling into the house from an outside line. In these instances, the voice commands work in the same way as using the panel directly. Any of the remote control devices can also be used to operate the alarm system.


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