Cupboards and sinks


The wall cupboard and the kitchen sink are both mounted on lifting mechanisms. This allows them to be moved to the most appropriate position for use by different family members. For example, if it is hard to reach the sink or the cupboard they can be lowered to a more usable height.

The cupboard and sink lifters are controlled using the rocker switches located to the side of them. The sink or cupboard will only move while the switch is depressed - letting go will stop movement.

Both the sink and the cupboard can also be moved from outside the kitchen using one of the remote control devices. In this case they will move to a pre-set position.

The lifting mechanisms can also detect any obstruction. If something is left under the cupboard, the lifting mechanism will stop to avoid damaging what is beneath. Both lifting mechanisms also have a battery back-up. In the case of power failure, the switches next to them or a remote control unit will allow them to be moved a small number of times.


All the taps in the home can be turned on using either the buttons on an adjacent panel or a remote control device.

Kitchen and bathroom sink

The kitchen sink can be filled to one-third, two- thirds or full up with water at the required temperature using the buttons on the panel.

Pressing stop will turn off the tap and holding down the stop button will allow you to top up the sink.


The bath can be filled to half and full levels at a predetermined temperature.

Pressing stop will turn off the tap and holding down the stop button allows you to top up the bath. Pressing any of the fill buttons will automatically put the plug in.

To empty the bath, there is a 'waste open' button on the control panel. A top-up button is located on the wall for you to use when you are in the bath.


A button on the wall controls the shower. This will run the shower for a predetermined time or until the button is pressed again. The shower is set to the same temperature as the bath.


The toilet is operated from the panel next to it and can either be fully or partially flushed. Both of these flushing options will use less water than a conventional toilet.


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