All the doors in the house have a motorised door opener fitted to them. These allow the door to be opened either by a switch located next to the door or by a remote control unit. These controls can be set either to open the door or then close it automatically a few seconds later, or to open or close each time the button is pushed.

The doors also have an in-built obstruction alert. If something blocks the door as it tries to close it will open fully, then re-close, slowing as it reaches the obstruction point. If it encounters the obstruction again, it will stop until activated again. The motorised openers feature battery back-up so the doors can still be opened and closed if the power fails. If there is a power failure, the switches next to the door may not work but pushing the door or using a remote control will open the door.

External and internal swing doors

External and internal swing doors can be opened and closed manually, by turning the handle and giving the door a small push or pull. The doors will then automatically open or close fully. The doors can also be opened and closed using a push button located on the inside of the door adjacent to the door handles, or by a remote control unit. Both of these methods can unlock the door and then re-lock it after it closes.

Internal sliding doors

Internal sliding doors can be operated by using either the push buttons located on either side of the door or through a remote control unit. The door can be opened or closed manually if required.


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