Remote Controls


Most devices in the house have manual controls next to them. Devices can also be operated by remote control, using Radio controls, an infrared controller or a telephone.

Modern controls include PDA's, touch screen devices, conventional remote controls full of buttons, telephones and intelligent switches.

Infrared controllers

A wide variety of handheld devices are available that can be used to operate the house. These controllers can be programmed to operate any device or group of devices that you wish. They can be taught to operate your television, video and stereo, providing a single control point for a room or the whole house.

The person who designs and installs the system, the systems integrator, will be able to advise you which controller is the most appropriate for your needs.

Infrared controllers require a line of sight to a sensor.

Telephone control

Any telephone, including the ones inside your home, can be used to control the house. If you ring from an outside telephone, you have to dial into the house and enter a PIN number. Voice prompts will guide you through a series of menus where you will be able to press buttons on the phone to turn devices on and off or to check their current status.


For a more complete list of controls refer to the controls page on this site.


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